Nefertiti Harris and Ashley Atkinson

Urban Eden
Left: Gardener Nefertiti Harris.

Right: Farming movement leader Ashley Atkinson at Romanowski Farm Park.

Left: Principal Asenath Andrews with a bunch of just-picked basil at her school, the Catherine Ferguson Academy.

Right: Patrick Crouch, greenhouse manager of Earth Works Garden, sells his vegetables in a farmers' market for low-income residents.

A rooster hangs out at the Catherine Ferguson Academy's urban farm in west Detroit.
Lillie Neal with squash

Lillie Neal shows off a few crookneck squash.
Horse eating apple from hand

A horse snacks on an orchard apple at the Catherine Ferguson Academy.
Sign in garden

A community garden in the North Corktown neighborhood.
Young volunteers

Young volunteers at the Romanowski Farm Park.
Decaying mansion

A decaying mansion (since demolished) in Brush Park, a formerly affluent neighborhood.
Jodi Willard with zucchini

Jodi Willard with an armload of zucchini at the Birdtown community garden.
Vegetables in bucket

A bucketful of vegetables from Romanowski Farm Park.
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