Ty Pennington

For the past six years, millions have cheered along on Sunday nights as Ty Pennington says those magic words: "Move that bus!" Now, he's taking time out from his gig on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition to add a little bit of excitement to two of our viewers' homes.

With his high energy and contagious spirit, Ty is often running a million miles a minute. Although he's on the road more than 280 days out of the year, Ty says he loves his job. "Wow, the fact I can do all those things and still have a good time and still make dreams come true—I've got the greatest job in the world," he says.
Ty Pennington and Oprah

Many people find themselves stuck in the same routine, day after day—and Ty says the same problem happens in your home. "There's a reason why there are seasons," Ty says. "There's a reason why there's a cycle of change, and I think the same has to happen in your life as well."

Ty says you don't need to spend a lot of money to make a change—something as small as a new picture, throw pillow or plant can help. "The point is, you want to be excited when you walk in your door and you also want to be excited when you wake up in your home."
Identical twins Amy and Megan

Although many people struggle to find their own unique design styles, Amy and Megan take it to a whole new level. As identical twin sisters, the girls were inseparable growing up and even went to the same college together. But the two peas in a pod didn't stop there—now approaching their 30s, the twins find themselves living identical lives. "We both got married in Hawaii," Amy says. "We spent both my honeymoon and my sister's honeymoon together." Amy and Megan were even pregnant at the same time and had their babies only three and a half weeks apart!

Now, not only do the twins work at the same school together—they live in virtually identical houses, right next door to one another. From floor to ceiling, the twins have matching homes. "We picked everything out exactly the same," Amy says. "Light fixtures, paint color—every tile in every bathroom is the same."

Ty Pennington gets to work on Amy and Megan's rooms.

Even the most private rooms in their homes—the bedrooms—are exactly the same, from the duvet cover to the carpet. "We're dragging our families in—our husbands, our kids," Megan says. "I think we've gone overboard at this point."

For a week, Ty and his team have been secretly quizzing Amy's husband, Greg, and Megan's husband, Bill, to help get a sense of each twin's individual style. Ty finds out Amy has a girly, softer side, while Megan is creative and artistic.

While the twins are at their school teaching, Ty's team gets to work on a sophisticated, feminine room for Amy and a chic, modern room for Megan.

Watch Ty work his magic and learn his design tricks. Watch
Ty Pennington surprises Amy and Megan at their school.

After finishing both bedrooms in under six hours, Ty goes to the twins' school to share the surprise. It's easy to deliver the news—their classrooms are next door to one another!

"I know you will guys needed a little bit of change," Ty says. "The cool thing is I think we've actually given you that today. I think we're going to push you toward something I think you guys need, which is a little bit of difference."
Megan's new bedroom

Amy and Megan may be twin sisters, but they won't be sleeping in identical bedrooms anymore! Megan sees her new bedroom for the first time, a modern design that Ty thought would fit her artistic personality. "I love it!" Megan says. "I can't even tell you how much."

The first thing Megan notices are the window treatments, which are made out of real shells. "This is a really cool way that you can let light into a room and also bring a natural element into a room," Ty says.
Ty Pennington embellished this Pottery Barn lamp with birch branches.

Ty took a Pottery Barn glass floor lamp and embellished it with the branches of a birch tree. "It'll bring a little nature into the room," he says.
Large photos on neutral walls truly become artwork.

Ty may have painted Megan's walls a simple gray, but they're far from boring. "By leaving the wall neutral, even a strong black-and-white image really pops off of it," he says.

Megan and Bill's photos are printed on large canvasses and spread out along the entire wall. Ty says this idea is all about scale. The large size allows the photos to transcend the status of mere snapshots and truly become art pieces.

"I love the photos—love them!" Megan says.

Bill, Megan's husband, agrees. "This is awesome," he says.
Ty Pennington created this decorative headboard and added LED lights.

After seeing what Ty did to decorate with Megan's modern, artistic style, Amy is anxious to see what he did for her more traditional taste. "What I was really trying to go for was a sophisticated, romantic room," Ty says.

To create this feeling, one of Ty's ideas is an eye-grabbing headboard, made by framing four pieces of white latticed wood together. "It's going to pop off the wall and give it a little depth," he says. "But to give it some sexiness, I'm actually going to light this thing to get a little illumination." Ty adds the ambient light by stringing LED lights along the bottom of the headboard.

"It's so pretty," Amy says. "It does look more like me. You really did find our differences."
Ty Pennington installed bookshelves and made curtains out of bed linens.

To turn what was once wasted space into something aesthetic and functional, Ty installed shelves for Greg and Amy's books.

And to give Amy's bedroom something a little more "girly," Ty made curtains out of bedsheets. All it took was a sewing machine and some hooks. "Just because it lays flat doesn't mean it can't hang vertically, right?" Ty says.
Ty Pennington used a stencil to liven up Amy's boring closet doors.

In order to personalize Amy's closet, Ty settled on a stencil technique to transform the plain old door moldings into something new.

"What's really cool about this is anybody can do it," he says. "You can take any image you want—you can print it off on your computer, you can Xerox it. But the trick is, you take an X-ACTO knife and you cut it out on acetate or maybe cardboard. Then you take some paint and you go and you actually do a stipple, which means you punch [the paintbrush] over and over and over and over."

If you prefer to make your closet disappear, Ty has a different idea: Paint the walls, doors and frames all the same color. "That way, it simply just slips into the woodwork," he says.
Amy and Megan love their new bedrooms.

Once again, the twins are in agreement…they both love their new—completely different—bedrooms! "They're both beautiful but just so different. We needed someone else to do this for us," Amy says. "We would have never been able to achieve this ourselves."

Amy and Megan love their new rooms so much that neither could face sleeping in them the first night for fear of messing things up. "Maybe tonight," Amy jokes. "We'll see."

Ty says designing a room is a great creative outlet, yet it's not only about his own creativity. He always wants to get a sense of the people he's designing for too. "What I do, I want to be involved. I want to put myself into it," he says. "I believe when you walk into someone's home, there should be elements of them in the home. It should reflect you."

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