The exterior of the Edwards' family home

Since 2006, Elizabeth and John Edwards, a former U.S. senator and presidential candidate, have lived with their children in this sprawling home near Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The 100-acre property, which Elizabeth says she found on the Internet, is bordered by majestic pine trees.
The Edwards' casual sitting area

Elizabeth calls the 28,200-square-foot house her dream home. The kitchen opens up into a casual sitting area, which is filled with comfy chairs and pillows.
The Edwards' outdoor sitting area

The Edwardses' outdoor sitting area has plenty of seats for guests and a stunning view of the pine trees that surround the home.
The Edwards' formal dining room

Inside, the formal dining room is decorated with warm gold and red tones. There's seating for five...perfect for Elizabeth, John and their children, Cate, 21; Emma Claire, 12; and Jack, 10.
Emma Claire and Jack's playroom

Emma Claire and Jack's playroom is decorated with vibrant colors and filled with one of Elizabeth's loves—children's books.
The Edwards children do their homework at child-friendly workstations.

Adjacent to the playroom, there are child-friendly workstations where Elizabeth says Emma Claire and Jack do their homework assignments.
Emma Claire, Elizabeth and Oprah walk down a long hallway.

Emma Claire, Elizabeth and Oprah walk down a long hallway that separates the main living area from the "barn." The walkway is lined with family photos, framed articles and memories of Wade, Elizabeth and John's eldest son who was killed in a car accident in 1996.
Elizabeth Edwards' wrapping paper room

Organization is key in Elizabeth's wrapping paper room. This is the Edwardses' one-stop shop for gift boxes, bags and other odds and ends.
The Edwardses' indoor basketball court

The Edwardses' "barn" doesn't house cows or horses. This space is reserved for recreation. Once, John says he and President Barack Obama shot hoops on this court.
Oprah and Emma Claire Edwards

Oprah and Emma Claire get acquainted in the kitchen, the heart of the home. From grilled sandwiches to shelves of cookbooks, the Edwardses' kitchen is filled with reminders of home.
Oprah poses with Elizabeth, John, Jack and Emma Claire Edwards.

Before heading back to Chicago, Oprah poses with Elizabeth, John, Jack and Emma Claire in the entryway.

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