The favorite tool in Nate Berkus's organizational arsenal: his label maker. It keeps his pantry go-tos, from pancake mix to organic red lentils, orderly, so the right ingredient is never out of reach.

Most people organize their linen closets by either the type of linen or by room, but Nate takes it to the next level with his detailed subcategories like "Small Guest Room Sheets" and "King Flat Pillow Cases." The towels are color coded, too, of course.

Fun fact: Movers weren't even allowed to step foot in Nate's new home to bring in furniture until he had his basement organized, with clear plastic, perfectly labeled bins.

Everything is in its place at Nate's office thanks to labeled open canvas storage bins. Because of his organizing system, Nate's staff knows exactly where light pink velvet fabrics (and everything else) belong in his design library.

To Nate, the key to designing a beautiful, meaningful space is to focus on decluttering as much as buying new items.


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