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The Foods That Made Summer Awesome
If your July and August were anything like ours, there were peaches, blueberries and tomatoes galore—and also plenty of barbecued chicken and toasted marshmallows. Yet, while the produce is long gone, some other items may have lingered for four months, or more, in your kitchen cabinets. According to The Food Safety Book, by Joe Kivett and Dr. Mark Tamplin, an opened bottle of barbecue sauce will last one month on the shelf, or four months in the fridge—so, it's probably best to toss the one you used all summer. An opened bag of marshmallows keeps for a month; after that, they may start to become sticky or dried out, so buy a new bag for your hot-cocoa needs. And if you stocked up on protein-packed snacks for road trips over the summer, inspect them well. Andrew Callaghan, a manager of service operations for the pest-control company Terminix in Chicago, says drugstore beetles are undiscerning omnivores that could gladly attack a variety of pantry items—including sunflower or pumpkin seeds—after two or three months. Examine nuts and seeds for the brown, oval-shape pests; and, toss the food if you see any signs of them.