Sharyn says she now views possessions differently.

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Sharyn says it's amazing to be free of the clutter that plagued her for so long, but she says it took some time to adjust to it. "It's only been a week, but I feel like that never existed. It's like I know it's back there somewhere," she says. "I know everybody has their demons in one way or another. I dealt with it. I'm not saying I'm 100 percent cured, because the stores are always there and I'm trying to stay out of them. And I'm doing a really good job."

Now, Sharyn says she looks at possessions differently. "You're supposed to own your stuff. Your stuff should not own you. And obviously you can tell my stuff owned me," Sharyn says. "It was overwhelming. There were many times I wanted to start cleaning things and doing things and I would go out and buy the bins and buy the racks and everything. But when you don't even have a space to start in to do that, it's impossible."

Looking back at all the things she had, Sharyn makes a promise to herself and her family. "I was a sick person and there was a monster inside of me that had been unleashed and I will never, ever do this again," she says.