Steve's old bedroom now is a home office.

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Steve's room has been transformed into a home office, complete with a mail system to help Marvin stay organized.

The room also serves as a place of honor for Marvin's mother's hutch, a piece that is meaningful to the entire family. "She would feel proud of seeing it where it is. I feel proud seeing it where it is," Sharyn says.

The hutch makes Marvin feel like his mother is with them. "I know my mother's here with us in spirit. This brings her so much closer to us," he says.

Peter says this is the perfect example of treating your possessions with respect. "If something has a value to it, then treat it in that way. And what happens is many people get caught holding onto memory stuff or I-might-need-it-one-day stuff," Peter says. "And if you don't create the life you want, if you don't create the home you want, who will? And that's what this comes down to. [Oprah] keeps saying, live your best life. But it's also about, create your best life. I think that's what we've seen here. And that's the lesson for everyone. Stuff has a promise. But go for life. Don't go for the stuff."