Sharyn and Marvin's new basement

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It was the worst room in the house. The basement was 1,000 square feet of fleas, black mold and mice nests. "Before you go into the basement, I want to remind you, there were so many health problems in this house because of the clutter," Peter says. "This was an unhealthy hell hole."

Now, the basement is a beautiful gathering place. Peter brought in a few functional pieces from Broyhill to help Sharyn define strict limits for her favorite hobbies. There are two armoires designated for gifts, along with a wrapping station. "This is all the paper you need. When you finish one roll, you can add one roll," Peter says.

A crafting area is set up in the middle of the room. Below are rolling carts that hold supplies. "If you pull one of these out to use it, it's returned. And in each area at the end of using things, it goes back to its home," Peter says.

The family's old sofas also create a relaxing area where the children can play.

So how do Sharyn and Marvin see themselves using the basement? "Very wisely and very carefully, and I will take care of everything. I will put everything back," she says.

"This is a house to be proud of," Marvin says.