Plastic Venetian Goblets


Sipping Pretty
Turn an ordinary backyard barbecue into Carnevale on the Piazza San Marco. Believe it or not, these Venetian goblets aren't glass at all—they're plastic.
  • Goblet, $55 for a set of six
  • MoMA Design Store; 800-447-6662;
Marcelo Lucini Hand-Carved Wood Bowls

Fill It to the Rim
Modern, primitive, natural, sexy, these hand-carved pacara wood bowls by Marcelo Lucini, rimmed in hammered alpaca metal, make whatever you fill them with look a little more special.
  • Bowls, small, $95; medium, $150; large, $225
  • Loom Company; 212-889-1182
Bamboo Dishes


Into the Woods
Having a picnic with a jug of wine, a loaf of bread, and thou doesn't exactly cut it if you add paper plates to the mix. But bamboo dishes are chic, sleek, and totally disposable.
  • Plates, $6 for a set of eight
  • Broadway Panhandler; 866-COOKWARE;
Porcelain and Mahogany Dishes


Plate Expectations
If it's true that the first taste is with the eye, these extraordinary dishes will turn any meal into a feast.
  • Porcelain and mahogany dinner plate, $80
  • Charger, $120
  • Bowl, $100
  • Mug, $58
  • Marc Blackwell New York; 866-755-6269;
Alessi Plastic and Stainless-steel Bowl


The High Life
With this little bowl, you can put ice cream or fresh blackberries up on a pedestal.
  • Alessi plastic and stainless-steel bowl, $50
  • MoMA Design Store; 800-793-3167;
Porcelain Colander


That's the Hole Idea
How clever is this! Wash fruit or veggies in the strainer side, tilt, and serve them in the bowl side.
  • Porcelain colander, $125
  • Royal Copenhagen; 212-532-5051;
Plastic Serving Dishes


Feeling Groovy
Mix up a pitcher of margaritas and start grilling the burgers. These plastic plates and serving pieces are pure, unadulterated fun.
  • Platters, $18 each
  • Plates, $39 set of four
  • Plum Party; 800-227-0314;
Lacquered Tray


Pressed for Time
Country and contemporary, this lacquered tray, made with real pressed leaves and flowers, adds a touch of spring to any table.
  • Citrine tray, $375
  • Butter and Eggs; 212-676-0235;
One: One Brewing System


Good to the Last Drop
Fill the tank, pop in a special pod, press a button, and faster than you can say, "Where's the nearest Starbucks?" out comes one superb cup of pressure-brewed coffee or tea.
  • one:one brewing system, $50
  • Melitta; 800-841-1628;