Photo: Fritz Lenneman

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On a trip to the garden center, my wife and I stocked up on the seedlings—we're not yet at the stage where we grow our vegetables and herbs from seed and transfer them outside—for our garden. We purchased:
  • a green pepper plant
  • a banana pepper plant
  • two sweet basil plants
  • a cilantro plant
  • lavendar
  • spear mint
  • a hearty, cold-resistant Czech tomato plant
  • four cherry tomatoes
  • parsley
  • a cucumber vine
  • and 4 more tomato plants
We had no intention of getting so many tomatoes—nine plants!—but I accidentally grabbed a container that had four seedlings in it instead of just one. We could have just thrown away or composted the extra three plants. But what fun would that be?

So on Sunday we went back to the hardware store for more three more plastic containers and three more tomato cages. Here you can see the containers lined up in front of the raised beds.