Automobile records (titles, registration, repairs)—As long as you own the vehicle(s)

Appointment books
—1 to 10 years, depending on your comfort level

ATM slips
—Maximum six years if needed for tax purposes

Bank statements
—Maximum six years if needed for tax purposes

Credit card statements
—Maximum six years if tax-related purchases on statements; otherwise, until annual interest statement is issued by company

Calendars (past)
—According to your comfort level and whether you use them for reference or memorabilia   Catalogs and magazines—Until the next issue

Dividend payment records
—Until an annual statement is supplied by company, then just only annual statements

Household inventory and appraisal
—As long as current

Insurance policies (auto, homeowners, liability)
—As long as the statute of limitations runs in the event of late claims

Insurance policies (disability, medical, life, personal property, umbrella)
—As long as you own it

Investments (purchase records)
—As long as you own them

Investments (sales records)
—Maximum six years for tax purposes

Mortgage or loan discharge
—As long as you own, or six years after discharge  


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