Nate Berkus's new collection of home decor

"I got sick of seeing good design stamped on bad quality. I'm tired of things costing five times what they should," says Nate. "Designing this line helped me define my own taste, my own vision, what I think is important, what I want to hold and walk past, what I want touching my skin, and what I don't."

Thanks to Nate's extraordinary debut home collection (on sale exclusively at Linens 'N Things), Oprah's favorite house whisperer is now available to mix, match, layer, refine, and pull your life together as never before.

"Layering in different patterns will keep things from appearing too studied. Here I've paired a simple pinstripe with an ikat-style print," says Nate. "Notice how much friendlier black and white feels when you mix in some aqua." Lincoln Park shams ($49.99 each) and comforter ($199.99 for queen size) mix well with turquoise Herringbone sheets ($99.99 for a queen set); the Grass table lamp is $59.99. All at Linens 'N Things.
Nate Berkus's ideas for your bedroom

"Your home should rise up to greet you," says Nate. "And at the end of the day, it should ground you in a sense of peace. If you choose a solid color for your bed, keep things interesting by experimenting with textures. Try combining felted wool with cottons and knits."

Wilshire comforter ($199 for queen size) and shams ($49.99), pleated pillow ($34.99), Basket Weave throw ($39.99), and Bubble vase ($29.99, large, $19.99, small) are all at Linens 'N Things. The bed, carved marble tables, and rug are from Odegard.
Nate Berkus's ideas for your bathroom

"This white stone jar and tray work just as well on your bedside table as they do in your bathroom. The more beat up and aged they get, the better they look."

The towels ($11.99 each), tray ($24.99), and jar ($19.99) are at Linens 'N Things. The teak stool is from Aero, and the vase is from De Vera.
Nate Berkus's ideal bathroom towels

"The bath sheet is extra large because it feels so good to be totally enveloped in one after a long soak in a hot bath," says Nate. "I love the natural look and feel of this bath mat, and the hyacinth-reed basket provides an earthy-looking way to store soaps, loofahs, even your kid's rubber ducky."

The towels ($11.99 each), reversible bath rug ($29.99, for 24-by-30 inch size), and Water Hyacinth basket ($49.99) are at Linens 'N Things. The large woven basket is from Aero.
Nate Berkus's ideas for sofas and pillows

"You can change the feel of your sofa by adding a thick, cozy throw and playing a couple of classic pillows off a more Moroccan-inspired one," says Nate.

The pleated felt pillow ($34.99), wood-beaded pillow ($29.99), Indochine Link pillow ($34.99), and Chunky Knit throw ($79.99) are all at Linens 'N Things. The Copper daybed by Paul Mathieu and the Valeriana rug are from Odegard. The black lacquer tray is from Takashimaya.
Nate Berkus's ideal linens

"I love linen in soothing colors for any room in the house. Muted tones are beautiful on the table—'like the soft blues and browns of this Indonesian-inspired earthenware. Mixing in some rusty oranges is a warm way to update your place for fall."

Clockwise from top left: Linen window panels (pictured folded, $39.99); Indochine tableware ($29.99 for a four-piece place setting).
Nate Berkus's chargers and shams

"I sat at my kitchen table and sniffed until I came up with six scents I wanted in my home. And I'm picky," he says, as if the richness of his products doesn't already say it for him.

Colorblock charger ($19.99); Kenya, Tuileries, and Rust shams ($49.99 each), Melrose House corner stand; Indochine bowl ($29.99), linen placemat ($4.99). All are at Linens 'N Things.