kitchen storage

Photo: Matthew Williams

Repurpose It

Think outside the box when it comes to storage items: a magazine file mounted inside a cabinet door is exactly the right size for a lineup of kitchen wrap; covered enamel kitchen containers make excellent bins for cotton balls, swabs, and other essentials. When objects are made with care, it shows—and they can be put to use just about anywhere.
kitchen cabinet hacks

Photo: Matthew Williams

Stack It

Add dish risers to a pullout shelf to create tiers for pots, heavy casserole dishes, and bakeware. You’ll be able to fit more in a small space.
pot lid holders

Photo: Matthew Williams

Put Your Doors to Work

In an architect-designed kitchen, a metal pot lid rack mounted on the inside of a cabinet door offers a pot-lid storage solution. Our DIY version puts Japanese metal towel rods to the same use.
tension rod kitchen organzing

Photo: Matthew Williams

Pen Them In

A hardware store tension rod inserted at the very front of a drawer keeps pot lids neatly in place.
kitchen card storage

Photo: Matthew Williams

In a Cart

An industrial metal cart holds a lot of tableware—and can be wheeled directly to the table for setting. This example, filled with creamware pitchers, mixing bowls, and platters, belongs to London chef, shop owner, and bon vivant Alastair Hendy.
silverware chset

Photo: Matthew Williams

The New Silverware Chest

An idea spotted at Cosme, in New York: Bisley office supply drawers used on a sideboard or tabletop to stow forks, knives, and spoons.

Excerpted from Remodelista: The Organized Home by Julie Carlson and Margot Guralnick. Copyright © 2017 by Remodelista, LLC. Photographs copyright © 2017 by Matthew Williams. Reprinted with permission by Artisan, an imprint of Workman Publishing Co., Inc.