Donate shoes

Photo: David Tsay

The Housewide Shoe Purge
Time Required: One Hour

Avoid an avalanche of shoes every time you open the closet and maybe even make room for a new pair.

Do It: How to decide what stays and what goes
Kids in a clean room

Photo: David Tsay

The Two-Step Toy Tidy-Up
Time Required: Two Hours

Peter Walsh shows you how to tidy up those toys once and for all—with a little help from the kids.

Do It: Your playroom clean-up strategy
Couple cleaning closet

Photo: David Tsay

The Closet Declutter-fest for Couples
Time Required: Three Hours (Depending on your closet—and your partner)

If a shared closet has you and your partner divided, try Walsh's no-stress strategy for eliminating bulk and creating harmony.

Do It: Clear out your closet this weekend
Declutter party

Photo: David Tsay

The Progressive declutter Party
Time Required: One Weekend Morning

Enlist your friends in your clean-up efforts with a "party" that will lighten your loads and leave you all a little better off.

Do It: Have your own declutter party

Photo: David Tsay

The Pantry Pare-Down
Time Required: 30 Minutes

Walsh offers his four quick tips to tame your overstuffed pantry and find a worthwhile home for your excess food.

Do It: Organize your nonperishables

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