Nate Berkus makes over a bachelor pad.

We gave Nate half a million dollars and put him to the testcould he transform David's bachelor pad into a romantic home he and his fiancée Tereasa both will enjoy?

David was a collector: beer cans, bowling balls, arcade games, even a motorcycle. Nate said the boy toys would have to go!
Motorized shutters over a big window creates privacy.

Nate and the entire Chicago team of professionals at Owens Corning HOMExperts Repair and Improvements ( got to work! Tereasa wanted more light in the living room, so they broke through the brick wall and installed a 9'x9' window. They couldn't create a sexy space without giving the couple a little privacy, so they installed motorized shutters from QMI Security Solutions. (

Nate also turned the motorcycle sitting in the middle of the living room into "sculpture." Now it's a cool piece of art.
Bar area before the makeover

"In a modern loft you can't just fill a space with furniture," says Nate. "Each piece has to be perfect." David's old bar and pink and black stools left Nate cold...
Nate Berkus adds a modern bar table.

Nate replaced David's old bar with the Flip Me table from He added a Blythe leather ottoman, also from ( is no longer in operation.)
On a great wall, sometimes less is more.

David proudly displayed a collection of female nudes in his living room. Nate said they had to go! Now there's only one woman in his life: Tereasa.

While Nate was hard at work in front of our cameras, we sent Tereasa to Classic Kids Photography studio ( for a photo shoot of her own. Nate framed Tereasa's sexy, intimate poses and hung them on one of the walls in the bedroom.
Nate transforms a seating area.

Look at the sitting area now! The new sofa is sleek and modern from Jayson Home & Garden (, complemented by two classic Mies Van der Rohe Barcelona chairs from

Nate left the charcoal grey wall bare. Nate says, "In a minimal interior, what you don't do is as important as what you do." A richly painted wall can stand alone as art.
The loft living room before Nate Berkus

Here's the old dark living room—dingy plywood floors, arcade games, nude paintings and all...
Sexy orange painted floors spices up a loft

...Look at it now! Nate painted the plywood floors with a fresh coat of orange paint and added a Flokati rug from Smith & Noble ( A sleek and sexy day bed from—which is no longer in operation—also provides extra seating.
The stairs in a lofted living space before makeover

You can't see it, but behind the bookcases there's a set of free weights serving as David's closet.

Tereasa wanted something open and airy. Her wish is Nate's command!
Nate Berkus opens up a landing

Nate replaced the old bookcases with a table and clear chairs from TOPDEQ ( What a great area to entertain as a couple!

Nate knocked down the drywall and added a sleek railing to open up the bedroom. And the new cut outs in the wall add a modern touch.
Bachelor's bedroom before Nate Berkus's makeover

Time to go upstairs! David's bedroom was dark and masculine...
Nate Berkus's sexy new bedroom

...Now it's a bright and sexy suite for two! Nate says the bed is the most important element in your bedroom. He found this one for $5000 from He added crisp and clean linens from Bloomingdales (

And how appropriate for the bedroomNate found this "Felt Up" chair from (no longer in operation)!
Lip lamps and hidden compartments in a romantic bedroom.

These sexy lip lamps from Jonathan Adler ( will help set the mood!
David and Teresa love Nate Berkus's romantic decorating touches

So what do David and Tereasa think about their new love nest?

Tereasa says, "Thank you for letting me be carried over the threshold into a home that we love!"