1. Suspend Your Nightstand
Floating string tables are the tiny-home solution you never knew you needed. They hang from the ceiling, helping you reserve precious floor space for the items that need to stay grounded.

2. Put Shelves in an Unexpected Place
You probably know that hanging curtains as high as you can can help make a room look more spacious. In most cases, however, there's still some empty wall space left between the curtain rod and the ceiling—which @bloomingoaksfarm made sure not to overlook. Her creatively placed shelf stashes books, jewelry and even a potted plant.

3. Give Your Kitchen Countertops a Lift
Double your counter space by installing rods to your backsplash, which you can then use to hang baskets and canisters. Your kitchen essentials will stay within reach while freeing up the extra work area beneath it.

4. Repurpose Your Sink
Our sinks take up a good amount of kitchen real estate, so why not optimize that area when it's not in use? This kitchen features a custom-built, over-the-sink cutting board to maximize counter space.

5. Let Your Lights Hang Out
Rather than clutter your floors with standing lamps or end-table lamps, try hanging some elegant string lights in your living room or bedroom. In this tiny home, the lighting even doubles as a headboard.

6. Reimagine Your Closet
The married duo behind #TheTinyCanalCottage expanded their livable space simply by removing the doors from a closet. Taking advantage of the floor space in addition to the storage space above, they transformed an area previously used just for storage to set up a nursery. You can use this strategy to create a new nook for arts and crafts, a home office or whatever suits your needs.


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