Meet Timmi, whose love for theme rooms produced this Southwestern disaster. "Don't get me wrong, I love the Southwestern theme," says Timmi. "I'm just not good at it! Nate, your challenge is to make this room into one that my family will love. The catch is, you have to keep it in the Southwestern theme!"

Nate is up to the challenge! All of the furniture was removed and replaced. The paint color had to go. A tip: If you're going to do a theme color, don't start with the wall color. Do a neutral color, and then everything you do will look amazing.

Did somebody say amazing? The color tan makes everything in the room pop, and the rug is a wonderful focal point on the wall.

This corner was a jumble of books, wires and clutter. The space wasn't being maximized, and Timmi says she'd like more seating. Once again, Nate to the rescueand Timmi, looking on from a remote camera, can't wait to see the results!

Can you believe that this is the same corner? The cowhide chair is Nate's favorite piece in the room, and it really draws on the Southwestern look. Tall foliage in the vase adds texture, and the new lamp is graceful.

These blinds didn't fit the theme of the room, so out they go!

In their place, Nate and a team of handymen created a custom valance built out of plywood. "Take a Southwestern-style runner and upholster the plywood," says Nate. "It sounds complicated, but all you need to do is staple-gun it and trim the excess."

Wowcheck out the windows now! Leather-like drapery looks much more homey than those sterile blinds. Check out the finished valance, too.

This television area was unsightly and cluttered. Toys, electronics and picture frames compete for attention.

Here's a savvy solution: a wooden armoire and a bookcase! There's room for decorations above, and inside there's a television, a video game system, movies and more.

The home office area was teeming with papers, clips and folders. Look how it overflows onto the floor!

Nate moved some home office components into a nearby bookshelf, and the computer found a new home on a desk. Now the space holds a 200-year-old glass cabinet from Hungary. Beautiful!

Contrary to what many people believe, you can "float" furniture in small spaces. This desk melds seamlessly into the rest of the space, offering more seating and work area.

Another smart space-saver is this antique chest. The kids can keep their toys inside it (and off the floor). Timmi looks impressed!

Here's a look at the room before Nate worked his magic…

And here's the same room afterwards. Consider this challenge met!