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Photo: Dominic Bonuccelli

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For the Workaholic

There are many alternative terms for a she shed and here’s another one to add: Alternative Dwelling Unit, or ADU. This is a planner's term for a fully livable (and professionally designed) second unit that is part of a larger owned property. Sheila Meehan's 10×12-foot shed was the answer to a dilemma she faced as the owner of an historic home with no room for her work as a licensing agent for artists. "There were two deciding factors that made us choose a shed," Meehan says. "The cost was affordable without having to refinance our home, and the speed to a finished product was impressive."

Made entirely with modern and eco-friendly materials, Meehan's shed nevertheless reflects the spirit of her ninety-year-old home. It fits snugly within her small backyard and allows her the quiet and privacy she needs to run her business.