Framed photo collage in entryway

Photo: Sherry and John Petersik/Young House Love

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The 10-for-1 Deal That Livens Up Any Entryway
If you love the look of a collage of art and photos on the wall but hate the idea of collecting frames that go with each other, Sherry has the perfect shortcut: Get thee to the thrift store, stat. "For the cost of one $20 frame at the store, you can get 10," Sherry says. "Look beyond the art and focus on two things: whether you like the shape of the frame and if the glass is broken."

Once you've found a few frames you like, pop out the glass and set the bare frames on a layer of newspapers outside. Spray them all one color—this will give them a cohesive look, regardless of the frames' styles or the art you place inside. (One tip: Cut extra newspaper to the sizes of your frames and use them as a template to arrange your frames, so you can figure out a layout you like before putting a single hole in the wall.)