Special events planner David Tutera and Crate & Barrel turned a dreary rooftop deck into an amazing tropical retreat!

Makeover Your Rooftop Deck
  • If you want to cover your deck, try inexpensive straw mats.
  • Cover a simple bench in reed carpet for extra seating.
  • Use a round table in a small area—it takes up less space than a square one.
  • Lighting is everything—candlelit lanterns are illuminating and inexpensive.
  • Think drama—especially when you're planning a dinner party. Wrapping vines around an umbrella pole brings texture and magic.
  • Work with plants that take very hot, direct sunlight—exotic plants are great. To make a transformation happen fast, use plants that are almost full-grown.
  • Leave room for your view on a roof terrace—don't obstruct with large plants, furniture or umbrellas. 

Special Thanks
  • Nabel's Nursery (New York)
  • Crate & Barrel: www.crateandbarrel.com


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