boho bedroom

Photo: Brittany Ambridge

Heather Tierney
Venice, California

When The Butcher's Daughter founder decided to up and move from Manhattan, where she'd been living for nearly a decade, to Venice, she didn't just pack her boxes and call a moving van. She shed her city-girl skin entirely and took a big gulp of the California Kool-Aid.

The vibe Heather has so meticulously curated in her home is quintessentially West Coast on every level—a little bit of seventies bohemian, a little bit beachy.

This curving wicker bed frame is one of the few non-vintage finds in the house. The goal is to one day coerce vines to grow up and over the top of the headboard.

mexico inspired bedroom

Photo: Brittany Ambridge

Hana Waxman and Juan Muñoz
Sayulita, Mexico

Hana chose to work with all local materials, even the furniture and textiles are locally sourced: antiques from Mexico City, furniture from San Miguel de Allende, textiles from Oaxaca. "Everything is clean, simple, and very shacky," she says. "We keep surfboards in the house and have a hammock in our living room. Nothing about our home is formal."

Whether you set out to or not, sun hats are something that seem to accumulate when you live in a tropical setting. Hana turned her collection into a wall display in the master bedroom.

colorful bedroom

Photo: Brittany Ambridge

Mark and Louella Tuckey
Clareville, Australia

Walking through their house feels a little like a tornado whipped through it and left everything ever so slightly (and ever so perfectly) off-kilter. Picture frames are knocked cockeyed. Coasters have never been and will never be something they own. In other words, their home is very relaxed, very lived in, and loved.

To get to the master bedroom, you wind your way up a staircase off the living room. Despite the home's small footprint, this separation feels like you're disappearing into the private wing of a much bigger house.

Reprinted from Surf Shack. Copyright © 2017 by Nina Freudenberger. Photographs copyright © 2017 by Brittany Ambridge. Published by Clarkson Potter/Publishers, an imprint of Penguin Random House LLC.

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