cleaning the refrigerator condenser

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6. The Refrigerator Condenser

Regular cleaning of the condenser coils on the back of fridges and freezers keeps them operating at maximum efficiency, reducing power usage, and extending the life of the unit. Manufacturers recommend cleaning the coils every 3-6 months, and more often if you have any pets.

Refer to the manufacturer’s manual to locate the condenser and fan, and review any specific warnings that may apply to your particular model.

Use a flashlight to more easily spot any obscured patches of dust or cobwebs.

Slide a refrigerator coil brush—a long, short-bristled tool— between coils to remove dust and fuzz. Work gently to avoid damage.

Have the vacuum handy to remove dust and cobwebs from the coil brush as you work. Once finished with the refrigerator coil brush, you can vacuum the condenser with a crevice or brush attachment, again working carefully. While the unit is away from the wall, remember to vacuum the exposed floor.

Excerpted from The Complete Book of Cleaning by Toni Hammersley. Copyright © 2017 by Weldon Own Inc. Reprinted by permission of Weldon Own Inc., an imprint of Bonnier Publishing USA.