8. Primp My Ride

Go to your car with two bags. Use one to collect trash and the other for anything else that doesn't belong there, from mail to kids' toys. Return these items to their places.

9. The Reckoning

Walk into your hall closet. Identify five things that both you and I know you're never going to pull out again (old ski parkas, broken umbrellas). Donate or trash.

10. Pulling Your Weight

Weigh each family member. Now give everyone ten minutes to bag things they own to give away. Weigh everyone again; whoever has "gained" the most weight wins.

11. Company's Coming!

Pretend dinner guests are arriving in 30 minutes. What would you tackle first: the dirty dishes, the toys strewn everywhere, the pile of shoes in your entryway? Now tackle it.

12. Minute to Bin It

Dash madly around your house for one minute collecting old magazines, newspapers, catalogs, party invitations, and paid bills. Recycle or shred them.

13. Sock It to Me

Empty your sock drawer onto your bed. Put the pairs you actually wear together and return them to the drawer. Use the rest to make cleaning rags.

14. Single File

Open your file drawer and identify your least organized folder. Now spend 15 minutes making it your most organized.

15. Seven Minutes in Hell

Go to the messiest room in your house and set a timer for seven minutes. Now put things away, make piles—and keep moving! Break that mental barrier! Get started!


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