Photo: John Coolidge

1. Streamline Spices

To keep spices from hogging the counter, strip bottles from the lazy Susan they come with and attach their lids to a kitchen shelf using magnets.

Kitchen drawers before and after

Photo: David Tsay

2. Divide Your Drawers

Store small implements in drawers closest to where they'll get used. Chef Cat Cora corrals all of the prep items (lemon press, measuring spoons) into a drawer in her kitchen island and all the cooking items (spatulas, tongs, basting brush) into one by the stove. Bamboo dividers keep things organized.

Ikea shelves

Photo: Ngoc Minh Ngo

3. Aim High

"Easy-to-install Ikea wall shelves are the quickest fix for any space that's short on storage," says stylist Lance Boyd. "They're a practical yet decorative touch: Hung high, they emphasize the ceiling's height."

Glass jars

Photo: Thinkstock

4. Go for Clarity

In small quarters, choose clear materials that don't hog visual space.

Color-coordinated kitchen

Photo: Ngoc Minh Ngo

5. Color-Coordinate Kitchen Décor

Just as these white table and chairs work beautifully together, so do the crisp blue of the vase, the pendant lamp, the fruit bowl and the painting. A well-thought-out coordination will add a finished feel to your room.

Drawers of varied sizes

Photo: Gregory Goode

6. Mix Up Your Drawer Sizes

Store linens, candles and other entertainment supplies in drawers of varying sizes. "It's pretty and makes the best use of a small space," says professional organizer Julie Morgenstern.

Pullout cabinets

Photo: Gregory Goode

7. Rework Your Cabinets

Consider installing user-friendly pullout cabinets to eliminate rummaging around. These shelves, shown in Morgenstern's kitchen, were designed to accommodate grocery staples.

Kitchen with flowers

Photo: Carter Berg

8. Finally...Brighten Up!

Flowers should be for every day, not just special occasions. Even the humblest grocery-store bouquet brings a burst of color and life to a space.