Relying on Containers
Getting organized is not as simple as putting a few items in a container and—hey presto—you're organized. Organization involves an awareness of your habits, how you use things, how you use your home and why. Storage does bring organization together and streamlines space. It gives homes to all our things and makes it very easy to access everything. However, it's not always the answer. Another container, box, or even an extension can be just another place to dump things. It's not the storage that solves your issues. Somethings you have to remove the storage in order to achieve organization. If there's one too many places to dump things, then removing the storage option is often your answer.

If it was as easy as getting a box, we'd all have beautifully organized homes. But it's not the box, it's the behavior.

From Organised: Simple Ways to Declutter Your House, Your Schedule and Your Mind by Sarah Reynolds. Copyright © 2017 by Sarah Reynolds. Excerpted with permission by Gill Books.