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Putting Things Out of Sight
When you approach your space—whether that space is a container, your wardrobe or your garage—what is the access like? The system of organization will stay in place if you can get to things easily. If you are fighting your way to get to something, then when it comes to putting things away, you won't bother; you'll drop things as close as possible to the destination. To maintain organization, that just won't do. Items you need daily should be within arm's reach.

For hard-to-reach areas, buy a foot stool and for dark areas, a light.

I find one big contributing factors to disorganization is a lack of good lighting. Whether it's the garage, attic, under the stairs, or a deep kitchen cupboard, making sure there's good lighting coming into the area will help you keep it tidy. It's one thing to be constricted due to a lack of space, it's another to not be able to see any space at all. Shine a light on your situation!