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Overlooking the Final Step
Every job, task, project you need to do can be broken down into a beginning, middle and end. I imagine each task as a circle that has to be closed to complete the task.

When you have something to do, think about everything you need to get it finished. Any to-do usually includes other little jobs you need to do to get the task done. For example, you write on your to-do list, 'Organize Oliver's birthday party.' But your scheduling of this task won't work if you leave it at that. You have to be specific. What does organizing the party actually involve?

You need to list all the elements, for example:
  • Order birthday cake
  • Collect birthday cake
  • Buy candles
  • Buy gift and card
  • Buy decorations
  • Create invitations
  • Post/deliver invitations
  • Confirm attendees
  • Clean the house

    Most people do the preparation before a task but don't bother with clearing up until much later. They want to get on to the next job, then the job after that, leaving clutter in their wake. Getting the task done can be difficult enough, but once the task is over we're often so relieved that we collapse and relax or we have to push on to the next thing.

    It's very important to close the circle. Finish the job at hand. If you don't it will nag away at you, creating mind clutter. The work is not done until it is done.