beer bottle storage hack

Illustration: Rob Melhuish

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Bookends for Beer Bottles

In the summertime, my Saturday afternoons feel more like a beer festival than anything else. Barbecues, patio doors open all day; come rain or shine I will be holding a cool bottle and sporting a pair of palm tree shorts and flip-flops.

Of course, I keep my bottles efficiently stacked in the fridge on their sides, all the better to get more in—until disaster strikes. The bottles of beer roll off one another, straight onto the steaks; now they are fizzy or worse, broken.

To stop the madness and preserve the beers simply use a binder clip, like a sort of bottle bookend. Slide the clip onto the shelf, with the top prong lying around the shelf. The clip part will act as a barrier and stop the stacked bottles from moving. You are now free to enjoy summer with total peace of the beer department anyway.