Winter storage in garage

Saverio Truglia

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Tobin's house has closets and a garage, meaning she can get by without storing seasonal stuff in the basement. But creating a designated space for sleds, skates, and outerwear "gives your closets and garage a lighter feel," Walsh explains, "and lets your space breathe." He helps Tobin corral the family's heavy coats and hang them on a canvas-covered garment rack he's set up next to industrial plastic shelving in the basement; on the shelves he places Corey's snowboard boots and helmets—which were crowding the gardening equipment in the garage—and boxes of scarves, gloves, and hats, all clearly labeled. "When the first snow comes, I'm in a mad dash trying to find mittens," says Tobin, who is thrilled to have her family's entire stash in one place, as well as extra space in the garage.