Help comes from many unexpected places. I am learning to take help where I can get it and do whatever I can to be helpful to others. Here are a few sources that will help you navigate your own path.

Green Building Supply
This store is based in Fairfield, Iowa, but the information is invaluable no matter where you live. Owners Joel and Joy Hirschberg have created the resource they wished they had when they were building their first green home. They have collected the most incredible products, offer a goldmine of advice on how to use them and also make themselves available via phone to anyone who needs help.

Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Energy
I often reference these agencies in my posts as a way to demonstrate green is a color that belongs to red states and blue ones. These government sites offer clear facts on energy and the environment and are great to pass along to folks who might feel like green is just for tree huggers.

The blog is identified as a "sourcebook for the considered home." Information is broken down in a really smart way, has a great design aesthetic and can be saved in your own design file.

Consumer Reports Greener Choices
I was raised by parents who referenced Consumer Reports for unbiased information on household products. Greener Choices offers that same rigorous testing methodology with a focus on environmentally friendly products. It has helped inform my choices on large appliances and will continue to do so well into the future.

Environmental Working Group and Michigan's Ecology Center
These nonprofits are dedicated to researching and reporting on toxic chemicals that end up in our water, food, toys, cosmetics and more. They offer comprehensive and accessible information on the science behind chemicals and constantly update their information that is especially useful for parents.

Help is on the way!


Simran Sethi is an award-winning journalist and associate professor at the University of Kansas School of Journalism and Mass Communications. For more information on Sethi, visit .


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