Nate Berkus recommends cool lamps.

Cool Lamps
Lighting is one of the easiest ways to modify any room. "Overhead lighting is harsh—it's horrible and it makes everyone look horrible," Nate says. "Find really cool lamps. It's very easy to do and it changes the entire feeling of the room."
Nate Berkus hangs an antique sifter instead of framed art on a wall.

New Wall Hangings
Consider putting objects on your wall that aren't necessarily art. Nate was inspired to hang this antique wooden sifter he found on the Internet by Oprah's guest house in Santa Barbara, where she hung an antique wooden coin above her doorway.
Nate Berkus holds a piece of coral.

Sea Life
Want a sophisticated look for not a lot of money? Try some coral or a starfish.

"This may surprise you, America, but I believe that every room should have a piece of sea life," Nate says.
An out-of-place chair gives a room character.

A Unique Chair
Nate says every room has to have one great odd chair. "And here's the tip—the chair does not have to match everything else in the room," Nate says. "The room will be much, much more interesting if it doesn't."
Nate Berkus frames personal notes.

Framed Notes
Ever wonder what to do with all of the notes that you have hanging around your house from important people in your life? "Frame them," says Nate. "I have done it for years."

One-page notes are the easiest to frame. Keep that in mind the next time you write someone a letter or thank you!
Nate Berkus displays books that spark interest.

Interesting Books
Take this decorating opportunity to learn more about yourself. "If there's a subject out there that you're interested in—photography, boating, whatever it is—books throughout the room are not only a great way to enhance the design of your room, but you might even learn something."
Nate Berkus's slippers from Greece

Vacation Mementos
Nate says that overall, the most essential advice is to personalize your space. "And that means bringing things back from vacation, like these slippers that I brought back from Greece this summer," Nate says. "You might not think that you can put these in a bookcase, but when you do, your guests get to know something about you and about where you've been."