Nate Berkus

This is the year to make your home your castle! No matter how many square feet you have to work with, Oprah's favorite designer Nate Berkus says you, too, can live in luxury.

We've seen Nate transform a 319-square-foot Boston studio into a piece of a paradise—and who could forget when he turned the ugliest rooms in America into stunning showcases? Now Nate is tackling a makeover he calls his biggest challenge yet!
Martha's 250-square-foot apartment

In 2005, Martha bought the home of her dreams right in midtown Manhattan. While she adores her neighborhood, Martha admits her apartment is a little on the small side. At just 250 square feet, her entire living space is roughly the size of a one car garage!

In such small quarters, Martha has a unique set of design concerns. For starters, her bed doubles as a sofa, and the bed's trundle is home to her "library" of books. Storage space is at such a premium, Martha even has to stow her lingerie in hatboxes!

Besides storage, Martha's home doesn't have space for other important things—like a stove or an oven. "My refrigerator is the same size as the kitty litter bag!" she says. When Martha wants to entertain, her guests have only two seating options. "If I ever get a date and he's uncomfortable sitting on my bed with me, he can always come into the bathroom and sit on the toilet," she jokes.

Despite her home's petite size, Martha is grateful for every single inch. "This apartment is a gift. There isn't another place on this earth I would rather live in," she says.
Martha's tiny apartment is the smallest home Nate has seen!

When Nate arrives, even he is surprised at how teeny Martha's apartment really is. "It is the smallest space I have ever been in. Period. The end," he says. After shimmying in through the apartment's narrow entryway, Nate checks out Martha's apartment to prepare for his small space challenge.

Nate sits down with Martha to get an idea of her style and tastes after getting the grand tour. Martha says she would like her apartment to feel warm, and she loves color and pattern—and she needs space for her cats Louie and Prada!

Martha's positive attitude and love for her small home gives Nate newfound inspiration. He's ready to roll up his sleeves and get to work.
Martha says her new apartment is 'regal.'

Motivated by Martha's positive attitude, Nate dives into the job of utilizing every inch of her 250 square feet. For two weeks, Nate and his team cram into Martha's apartment and work furiously—navigating the co-op's time restrictions and the constricted space. Finally the time has come for Martha to see her new apartment!

Watch Watch as Martha sees her new apartment for the first time!

"Oh my goodness!" Martha screams. "Thank you so much. It's so fabulous!" Martha's new home is fit for royalty, with a tented ceiling and wall-to-wall floral curtains in Martha's favorite colors. A chandelier makes the main room feel "regal," Martha says.

Nate had custom floor-to-ceiling closets made for Martha by Lowe's Closetmaid System, so all of Martha's belongings have their own place. And, no more trundle-bed library for Martha—her books sit on brand-new bookshelves.

To add to the "lady's boudoir" feel, Nate added a vanity. "I wanted you to have a place where you could sit down like a princess and put your makeup on and get ready for an evening out," Nate says. And for an evening in, the two new chairs Nate added will make it easier to entertain guests.
The kitchen is outfitted with new GE appliances.

With no oven, no stove and only a dorm-sized fridge, Martha's old kitchen was more like a hotel room than a home! Now her fabulous new kitchen features brand-new appliances from GE, including a stainless steel refrigerator, a dishwasher and an electric touch-sensor cooktop.

One of the best space savers is Martha's new Advantium oven, which is an oven, microwave, toaster and warmer all in one! Lowe's pitched in the Shenandoah cabinets that feature pull-out drawers for maximize storage space.
Martha's new bathroom

Next, Nate transformed Martha's outdated bathroom. The room is still small, but Nate added some sparkle by reglazing all the fixtures. He also added a gorgeous new mirror and a marble floor.
The cats have a new litter box cabinet with a cat door.

Even Martha's cats receive the royal treatment. While their litter box used to crowd Martha's bathroom, now they have their own private space in a litter box cabinet in the main room—complete with a cat door!
Nate says Martha's love of her home made him reprioritize.

Nate says his "biggest challenge ever" was rewarding because it made him reprioritize some things in his life. "I mean, how much space do we really need?" he says. "I thought to myself there was so much joy coming out of those four walls, that it really motivated me to do the best I could do—literally the best I could do."'

"Thank you. Thank you so much—a thousand times, Nate," Martha says.

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