Nate and Oprah

We all know Nate as the designer who makes other people's dream homes a reality. But for the past two years, Nate has been working on a top-secret project that is his own wildest dream come true! He is launching his first home collection—availabe exclusively at Linens 'n Things—full of affordable, beautiful pieces!

Nate designed his 600-piece line so that you can mix and match—and layer—with what 's already in your home right now. "I was obsessed with the quality and I … really wanted people to be able to buy this stuff and live with these things and not feel that they were just paying for a name. It's really about the cost."

For the bedroom collection, Nate has hand-selected everything you need to make your room into your own personal space—from layering coverlets to sheet sets to pillows and pillowcases.

Nate's bedroom collection also includes detailed accent pillows, hand knitted throws, beautifully scented candles and dark chocolate rattan trays!
Nate's Linens 'n Things line: The living room

Nate says his "favorite thing to do" is combine new purchased objects with older treasures in one space, which is a great trick for the living room. "I don't think you should throw everything out and buy new. I don't think anybody should buy somebody else's look." Instead, "it's about mixing and matching and using things that you love and figuring out how to present those in a way that's sort of mixed up," he says. "A [shelf full of upright] books is a little bit boring. Some books should go on their side. Add picture frames. Add little objects."

His collection includes rugs, which "I think add a lot of warmth to the room." Additionally, Nate suggests the addition of natural elements. "People think that means flowers or plants. I can't keep plants alive in my house, so I do it the other way by adding natural fibers and weaves."

Other eye-catching pieces for the living room include antique wooden stools, hand hammered brass bowls, deep chocolate hand-carved coasters and decorative wood panels.
Nate's Linens 'n Things line: The bathroom

When creating the items for his bathroom collection, Nate wanted to create the feeling of a luxurious oasis. "You go into the bathroom, you close the door and everything around you should be tactile and beautiful and large," he says.

For this reason, he was adamant about one item above all else. "I made [the towels] extra large because I think that a bath really is ritualistic," he says. And the ones he's chosen to feature are his favorites! Nate says he got to pick from a selection of towels that were all different textures, weights and styles. His ultimate pick was simply "the one that I reached for every day for two months," says Nate.

Plush cotton bath rugs, embroidered shower curtains with signature shower hooks, and alabaster stone accessories accompany Nate's divine towel collection.
Nate's Linens 'n Things line: The dining room

Nate says the placemats and table runners in his line are a perfect accent to your dining room and are a great way to add personal style to a plain table. Additionally, the dinner and glassware comes in two simple, elegant styles…and the mugs are nice and big!

Oprah was particularly impressed with the depth of the bowls. How did Nate get them just right?

"It was a matter of looking at a million different things. I had no idea what I was doing other than my own personal preference. I mean, I've never designed a bowl before," says Nate. "When it was right, I just knew it was right."

Nate's tableware collection includes gorgeous herringbone table linens, a variety of unique napkin rings, bamboo chargers and Indochine placemats and table runners.
Nate and Oprah: The big donation

After Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast, Nate signed up for the Angel Network team and reported from Louisiana . In the remarkable coverage of this catastrophic event, Nate provided one of the most disarmingly human moments. "That moment with you and Patrick and the dog is, I think, what sent the message home for so many people," Oprah says. "People got it [before], but that moment … was one of the greatest moments in humanity I'd ever seen. It really was."

"When I came back I was thinking, 'What is Oprah going to do?' I think the online registry for Katrina is the most brilliant thing."

To add to the donation, Nate and Linens 'n Things are donating 400 towel sets, 400 sheet sets and also 400 throws!