Bring the beach indoors

Not everyone can afford a complete room makeover, but with Nate's budget friendly decorating advice you transform any room with ease!

Nate says that your home is an expression of you. So before buying something new, stop and think about what really makes you happy. Once you have a handle on the things you love, find ways to incorporate them into your every day life.

For instance, love the beach but don't know how to bring it into your home without looking too…beachy? Try including just one or two pieces of sea life, like a star fish or coral. Just don't go overboard! One or two will do the trick.
Decorating wall space

Another idea is to use your wall space for something other than traditional artwork (or heaven forbid, a picture of dogs playing poker). Consider hanging antique objects or your favorite collectibles. You could also hand meaningful notes.
Try soft lighting in your home

One small change that will make a big difference is lighting. Harsh overhead lights make everything washed out and super bright. Instead, try buying some cool table or floor lamps for a softer effect. Sometimes the best deals can be found at flea markets or garage sales.

Also, try putting your lights on dimmers to set instant mood or atmosphere!
Change accent colors each season

An easy way to make an impact is by changing accent colors seasonally. Use warmer richer shades in the winter and cooler, sleeker colors for summer. If you have a neutral colored couch, new pillows are an easy, non-permanent, way to pull of this task. You can also create custom-made throws with a few yards of your favorite fabrics.
Update your bathroom

Jazzing up your bathroom can be as easy as buying new towels, a shower curtain and bath accessories. You can also buy pretty bottles to hold things like shampoo, lotions and hand soap.
Mix and match your furniture

If you are on the market for new furniture, Nate suggests mixing a few expensive pieces that you can afford with less expensive items. Not only does it help your pocketbook but your home will have a unique one-of-a-kind look.
Big art pieces can work in small spaces

Sometimes big is better, especially with art. Nate says people living in small homes shouldn't shy away from large artwork. A big piece can actually make your home feel more spacious.
Update the pulls in your kitchen

Nate says updating your kitchen can be as easy as changing cabinet knobs! In his New York apartment, he replaced the traditional pulls with small brass latches. "That was a beautiful detail for me that changed the entire feeling of the apartment," he says.