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Mistake #4: They Only Pack According to Room

You might already know to pack your belongings into boxes by room, but for an even more stress-free and efficient move, Walsh recommends organizing the nitty-gritty within each box.

The Macro Idea: Remember his biggest moving mistake, which is of packing up the home you're in and not the one you’re moving to? That applies here as well. Instead of boxing items by the room they're coming out of, pack for the new room the items are going in to.

The Micro Idea: Next, pack stuff by categories like T-shirts, jeans and dishes. "This will not only help you while unpacking, but it also allows you to see how much of a particular item you have." So, when you discover 20 pairs of khakis in your "pants" box, make sure half (at least) of those don't make it with you to your new address.