HGTV's Frank Fontana shares his five design tips for reenergizing yourself and your home to help foster financial success.
Many of us are feeling like we are losing our senses of control, our jobs and balance in our homes—and with good reason. Yet the reality is that we can't control the stock market or the myriad of other financial challenges we face every day. What we can control is how we live and function in our own homes. We can control our personal environments.

So, take a good look around your home. Believe it or not, your house, apartment and home office could be making you poor! At the very least, they can be contributing to a poor attitude and outlook on life, which can be carried out your door, often to the office, school, church and into the world.

That's why I am happy to say that this is one area of your life in which you can have total control, no matter what your budget or current living situation. Here's how.

5 Enriching Steps That Make S.E.N.S.E.
  • Save. Time to save on space and cash. When you're looking for new pieces of furniture, find multifunctional furniture and other household items that can offer you the opportunity combine storage, seating and surface space. This allows you to buy one piece instead of three! Not only will you save money, but you'll also free yourself to move and flow comfortably in your own space.
  • Economize. Economize your space. How can you expect your life to be in order when your house is a mess? Get rid of the junk and centralize your "business life" in one place—like organizing your bills and keeping all your important household files in one neat, closed place. By knowing exactly where your bills are stored and when they are due, you'll achieve financial peace of mind.
  • Nest. Create a space in your home that is yours and yours alone. This space should be used to meditate, read or journal. The only rule I suggest is keeping it "low tech," so no electronics, phones or gadgets. Also keep the noise to a minimum. Light a candle, indulge in some aromatherapy and get back in touch with yourself. Without your sense of personal balance and well-being, you can't truly function with clarity and power in the real world. Creating a place that's all about you will make you feel energized and creative once again!
  • Success. Create a success wall for yourself and family. With the weight of the world on your shoulders, you need to remind yourself of the positive impact you have on your family, the community, your company and, most importantly, yourself. You can put up anything from your old college diplomas and sports trophies to pictures of your grandchildren's watercolor paintings. Regardless, it's far too easy to focus on failures, but it's much more rewarding to put the attention on your successes—as the old saying goes, "Success breeds success!"
  • Energy. Colors and style go a long way in creating energy to fuel your life. Look at most offices—pretty drab, right? Don't let this happen in your home. Plants bring life. Photos bring life. Energize your space with color! Forget the white, corporate walls. This is a place for you to come to after a busy day and become renewed! Energy also means literally lighting your way to a better mood. Find mood lighting and avoid bright, sterile ceiling lights that are unflattering. Instead, opt for soft, ambient lights on a dimmer to keep you feeling cozy, happy and in control of your personal energy (and your energy bill).
Remember: If you make S.E.N.S.E., you make money! I wish you all a stylish and prosperous year.


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