I end each day by anointing my hands and feet with luscious lotions. It's a tender little ritual that not only ensures my oft-washed hands do not look like scaly paws, but also helps work all the acupressure points that help me sleep. The skin is the largest organ of the body. Though we're often conscious of what we put in our mouths, we aren't necessarily thinking of what we rub between our toes. My favorite is Jurlique Rose Hand Cream made with safflower oil, sweet almond oil, glycerin and rose essential oil. Jurlique is an Australian company that has been trying to do right by people and the planet for over 25 years. Jurlique grows 35 of the primary plants and herbs used in their products on their own farm according to biodynamic farming principles that consider optimal ways to nurture the soil as part of raising sustainable crops. The Skin Deep cosmetics database from Environmental Working Group is a great place to determine the kind of impact your beauty products have.

Be Sexy
Yes, I am an advocate of taking my self-love and my green awareness all the way down there . Sex toys and personal lubricants are often—you guessed it—petroleum-based. Plus, they're chockful of chemical plasticizers used to make toxic plastic (usually PVC) more supple…and even more dangerous. Honestly? I do not want that kind of stuff up against my jewels. If you feel the same way, take a look at my in-depth post on getting sweet and low—down here .

No matter who your Valentine is this year, please remember you have 365 days to be your own sweetheart. Care for yourself as you wish others to care for you. (Also feel free to show the love and follow me on Twitter @ simransethi .)

Simran xo

Simran Sethi is an award-winning journalist and associate professor at the University of Kansas School of Journalism and Mass Communications. For more information on Sethi, visit .


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