These families live in super small homes. Learn how they cope with the lack of square footage—and love it!
Making the Most of a Small Space
Small-space dwellers Jay Shafer, Jack Sammis, Jane Mount and Maxwell and Sara Kate Gillingham-Ryan each utilize some of the following ways to make the most of their tiny abodes.

  • Get rid of items you don't need or don't love so you can focus on the things you do love.
  • Maximize storage space by designating a place for every belonging.
  • Personalize your home with things you love that represent who you are.
  • Make a room look bigger by painting all the walls white.
  • Create ambient light by replacing doors with curtains and lighting a closet from within.
  • Organize your space so you fit in 90 percent of everything and have 10 percent open. If you have openness, the world will bring more to you!
  • Make the most of outdoor space—whether it's a small garden, patio or front yard.
  • Build up! Create customized cabinets that go from floor to ceiling.

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