With exclusive content from the show "Desperate House" Makeovers with Eva Longoria

There's a new man in Colette's life, and her husband, Lee, doesn't mind a bit. He's too busy washing dishes in the bathtub, and Colette, her dream kitchen a gutted shell and her living area practically empty, is reduced to scrambling eggs on a hot plate in the basement. Their 1970s Birmingham, Alabama, two-story brick house is devoid of basic conveniences—the result of a runaway renovation that hit some major speed bumps. To the rescue: super-designer Nate Berkus, who gave them the home they'd always wanted!

See Nate's Sweet Home Alabama makeover.

Nate's Secret Resources
Where does Nate shop for home furnishings and fabulous accessories? Pick up the Spring 2006 issue of O at Home to find out!

See the complete list of products and vendors from this makeover.
Photograph: Tim Evan-Cook


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