Marin's new living room

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One "wall" of Marin's bedroom is a curtain. When Marin steps through it, she's overwhelmed by her new living area. "Are you joking me?" she says. "Stop the cameras. I can't deal."

Peter helps Marin take everything in and points out her new, organized work area. "We have a place for files, research, storage. Everything about this says, 'I want to be inspired,'" Peter says.

"It looks like the space doubled," Marin says.

In the living area, Candice chose a streamlines sectional for seating. "I think a lot of times people think of a large piece of furniture [like] this sectional as something that would overwhelm a small space like this, but it really is one long, continuous piece, and it doesn't look cluttered," Candice says.

Helping to light the way—without spending a lot of money—is a new Pottery Barn chandelier. Candice also added track lighting, which can be purchased at any home improvement store for about $100. "Anybody can do this. Every room has some kind of a light fixture in the ceiling, and the problem with one light fixture is it just sort of floods the space with light," she says. "When you light everything, you really light nothing.

Marin's favorite part of the room? The display case of shoes. "Now they're finally where they rightfully belong—which is on display for all to worship and see," she says.

In this room: Honeycomb Mirror, Pottery Barn; Hazel floral rug, Pottery Barn; Walton Sectional Sofa in Nautral, West Elm; Resin tree-stump side table in gold, West Elm; Sliding Door media stand, West Elm; linen drapery panels, West Elm; Bijoux chandelier, Pottery Barn; wallpaper, York Wallcoverings