I hear and read so much in the news about the stimulus package these days that it got me thinking about the word "stimulus." Simply stated, to be stimulated means to be reinvigorated, to awake, to enliven, to stir, to feel energy and movement toward a purpose. "Hmmmm...that sounds good," I thought, and it didn't take much more thinking to shout out loud, "I want my own stimulus package!"

Stimulated, I quickly came to the conclusion that a stimulus package does not only have to be a government idea—it could also be an idea for personal growth, increased happiness and joy. It is about investing in you, your home and community.

Make the stimulus package personal by refocusing and showering energy on yourself, your family and your home. Make an important investment today—invest in you and your surroundings. Create a space that nurtures, inspires, comforts and supports you. Create a home that reflects what matters most to you.

As times have gotten serious, there has been some serious thinking going on in the minds of many. People are thinking about what is really important and what matters to them. Suddenly, the things in our life have become less important. Our family, friends and times we share together have taken center stage.

Instead of running out to dinner, we are walking into our kitchens and making a meal together, planting gardens and fixing up rooms in our homes. We are staying around the house more and are enjoying the simple pleasures and comfort that can only be found in one's home.

Here are some artful low-charge and no-charge ways to invest in creating a home that stimulates, captivates and motivates:

Sandra's 5 artful and inexpensive home improvement tips


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