Sharyn finds her father's wallet

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For someone who hoards, sorting through possessions can be a painful process. An emotional moment sets in for Sharyn when Marvin discovers a wallet filled with pictures. Through her tears, Sharyn explains that this was her father's wallet. "It's just a small piece of my father that I have left," she says.

"That should have a place of honor and respect in the house, and yet it's buried in all this stuff," Peter says. "If you respect that so much, what's it doing buried in the stuff? So we need to pull that out and make sure that it has a place of honor and respect with the stuff in the house."

Peter explains that understanding value is a vital step. "When everything is important, I believe nothing is important," he says. "And so it's really critical to honor and respect the things that you say are of value. And if you don't do that, what are they doing in your home? And that was the problem here. Something of such huge emotional value was buried."