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Baby Gear
No one ever had a child to save money. But there are some baby and toddler items you can get cheaply (or even free) at consignment shops, on local parent forums or on classifieds sites and apps such as LetGo, Wallapop, ThredUp or Swap. Big-ticket items such as strollers can be found for about 60 percent less used—but before you buy, consider testing out the new version in a store so you can see how the previously owned one measures up, and also check for any recalls. Clothing is another item you may want to consider buying secondhand, especially pricey coats and snowsuits, which babies typically only wear a few times before they grow out of (many parents even sell brand-new items their kids never wore). What shouldn't you buy used? A car seat or a crib. These items are updated often for safety, and recalls are common.