We have a wonderful home with a three-car garage that, right now, barely fits one car! I feel like I live in someone else's house because I am not acting like someone grown-up enough to take care of it.

The garage is by far the worst. Like so many, I struggle to part with things, so they end up in the garage. My mother shares this "disease," so she parts with things by bringing them to me, and that stuff often ends up in my garage. We tried a couple of garage sales but had very limited success.

I signed up for a freecycle group on the Internet. I gave away a desk last week and felt liberated. I'm hoping I'll be able to liberate a few more treasures, either with the Freecycle Network or Craigslist. What else can I do to take on this problem?


This may sound harsh but you have to work to create the life you want. That sense of "liberation" you felt was what an adults feel when they are in control of their lives.

The fact that you feel like you're living in someone else's home reinforces this idea for me. You are an adult, and this is your home! Embrace that!

You must take a first stand with your mother and insist that she no longer offload things onto you. Let her know that if she does, those items will go straight to Goodwill. Similarly with the items in your garage—there are many people far worse off than you. Instead of the yard sale idea, consider donating items to charity and continue with the Freecycle idea. Spread some kindness, maybe even get a tax deduction, and let go of that clutter once and for all.

Reclaim your home and your life. Welcome to adulthood!



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