My boyfriend purchased a home in 2006, and we were financially burdened by an adjustable rate mortgage. We were recently able to refinance, but I find that I blame our home for all the financial and emotional stress we endured.

In order to pay the bills, my boyfriend works close to 70 hours every week, and his only day off is Sunday. I'm a full-time student in my final year, but I also work part-time to tie up the loose ends.

I've tried organizing everything, but our living space has become the last priority, as we were just trying to survive. Our garage and office have gotten so bad I find myself opening the door and shoving stuff in with my eyes closed.

It's very frustrating. How can we take control of this mess?

— Jessica

These rooms are not as bad as you might think.

You need first to set aside some time to tackle this. Your motivation is that the stress you're feeling is definitely—in part—due to the clutter. By decluttering and organizing these spaces, you'll remove some of the stress that is clouding your lives. You'll also find added peace and improved focus in your studies.

The clutter is an impediment to the lives you and your boyfriend should be living, and it has to be a high priority for you to deal with.

If you both invest time in doing this—the very next Sunday that your boyfriend is off work—it will return huge dividends.

— Peter


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