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Solve the Shoe Dilemma

It's one of the first things that crosses the mind of every party guest: Should I leave my shoes on or take them off? If you're hosting the party, should you have shoes on? And does a pile of shoes by the front door imply a "no shoes" rule, or do you need to be more specific?

A few things to consider:
1. Look at your guest list and consider how the people on it might feel about walking around in socks or bare feet (or in shoes, for that matter).

2. If you choose to go with the no-shoe rule, make it obvious. A hand-lettered sign or a big basket or special space for shoes can help get your message across.

3. Take the weather into account. Is it snowy or muddy outside?

4. During the party, will guests be going indoors and outdoors frequently?

5. What seems right for your entertaining style and the type of party you're having?