High style on a low budget is celebrity designer Frank Fontana's specialty. He's sharing a fun bulletin board project that adds function and a touch of class to a college student's dorm room or a busy mom's home office.

What You'll Need:

  • Plastic mirror frame
  • Plain sheet of recycled cork
  • Craft paint, pink and black (or your choice of colors)
  • Precision knife
  • Industrial glue
  • A stencil of the first letter of your first name
Step 1: Purchase an inexpensive, yet ornate, plastic mirror frame. Remove the center portion of the plastic mirror frame. Save the cardboard backing.

Step 2: Set up a sheet of recycled cork. Cork can be purchased at most craft stores.

Step 3: Paint the sheet of recycled cork board with pink craft paint and let it dry.

Step 4: Use the cardboard backing of the mirror as a tracing guide and cut out an oval shape from the pink cork using a precision knife.

Step 5: Adhere the pink, oval cork to the mirror frame using industrial glue.

Step 6: Stencil the first letter of your name onto the bulletin board using black craft paint. Let the paint dry, then hang the fame on the wall. Your project is now finished and you can use thumb tacks to post memos, messages, pictures and more on your stylish, handmade bulletin board.


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