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So what about transferring those songs onto a CD for the car or the stereo? The main thing you want to do is ensure that your home computer has a CD recorder or burner. It's fairly standard for newer computer models—the only thing that varies is how fast it burns a CD. Don't get caught up in numbers like "12x2x24." When it comes to CD burners, today's standard ones will do the trick.

Next, you'll want to arm yourself with some blank CDs. You can buy them at any electronics or music store, and many drugstores or even department stores carry them. The brand isn't as important as the type. The labels may have a variety of letter and symbols, but it's most important to look for CD-R or CD-RW. CD-R means "recordable" and can only be burned once. CD-RW means "rewritable," which means you can keep recording over whatever is on them (similar to what we used to do with those audio cassettes).