metal desk

Photo: Desiree Groenendal

Move Your Chair. Then Repeat.
"If your workspace currently doesn't inspire you, try to analyze why. What isn't working? Perhaps your desk is facing in the wrong direction—maybe you would prefer a window view instead of staring at a wall. Move your desk chair around your office, placing it in different spots; then sit for a few minutes. How do you feel in each spot? Maybe your wall color doesn't inspire you? So paint it! Is your desk too small? Is your chair uncomfortable? Do you prefer rotating art and collections frequently? If so, opt for floating shelves on the wall to accomplish this. Again, identify the problems so you can find a creative and effective solution." — Holly Becker, author of Decorate Workshop: Design and Style Your Space in 8 Creative Steps (Chronicle)
red-lacquered desk

Photo: Grey Crawford

Rethink Your Office Supply Source
"Use vintage accessories instead of the typical office-supply desk set store. A collection of glasses or vases can make great pencil holders. Small decorative dishes can hold paper clips; vanity trays can double as a letter holder or a way to organize tape dispensers and staplers." — Kelly Wearstler, author of Rhapsody (Rizzoli)
desk against wall

Photo: Matthew Williams

Find a Replacement for the Former-Office-Now-Nursery
"If you’re tight on space—and who isn’t—think about how to maximize previously underutilized areas. The space under an open staircase, for example, can be the perfect nook to set up a home office." — Cortney and Robert Novogratz, authors of Home by Novogratz (Artisan Books)
roll top desk with John Lennon pics

Photo: Tria Giovan

Remember the Client Meetings
"Invest in a great new desk and fun, comfortable new chairs. Try floating the desk in the middle of the room, anchored by a rug, and place the chairs on either side of the desk so you create a space that allows you to bring people in for meetings and let the conversation flow." — Alex Papachristidis, author of The Age of Elegance: Interiors By Alex Papachristidis (Rizzoli)
Lucite swing over zebra rug

Photo: Antoine Bootz

Make Time for Work and Play
"A place to contemplate ideas and relax an overtaxed brain is just as important as an actual workspace, which is why designer Benjamin Noriega Ortiz installed a lucite swing adjacent to a home office in this Manhattan loft." — Linda O’Keeffe, author of Stripes: Design Between the Lines (Monicelli Press)

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