Throw pillows

Photo: AKA Design, Shannon Acheson

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Allow for More Casual (Yet Comfortable) Seating

What You Wish You Could Do: Find chairs that are as cushy as a La-Z-Boy and as stylish as an Eames—and enough of them for every person you invite over (yet somehow never crowding the room).

You Settle for: Carting every chair you own into the living room and praying you're the only one who sits on the creaky one.

Next Time, Try: Making a few no-sew floor pillows that people can sit on. It's inevitable that people will plop down on the floor at parties, and these ensure that they're comfortable. Plus, you can store them in wicker baskets under a console table or in the closet, so they don't take up as much space as traditional chairs. AKA Design has a full tutorial for making your own.